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Jay's journey in music began at the age of thirteen when he started playing live music, and over the years, he developed

a deep passion for songwriting. His dedication to crafting original songs led to an impressive catalog of compositions.

Recognizing his talent, Jay formed The Jay France band, which gained recognition for their captivating live performances. Jay, as the charismatic frontman, infused their shows with boundless energy and passion, making them a sought-after act across the UK.


In 2020, Jay France became an integral part of the UK's preeminent ska and reggae ensemble, The Dualers. Their collaboration reached a zenith as they seized the spotlight at the iconic OVO Arena Wembley, commanding the attention of over 7,000 fans. 

Jay's musical odyssey continued to flourish as he graced the stages of some of the UK's most revered festivals, including the legendary Glastonbury. The global stage beckoned, and they answered the call at Spain's prestigious Rototom Sunsplash festival.


In addition to his music career, Jay found fulfilment in his successful music teaching business. He took it upon himself to teach music to young underprivileged children and individuals with learning difficulties, bringing immense joy to both himself and his students. This dedication to music education highlights Jay's commitment to sharing his passion and making a positive impact on the lives of others through music.


In 2022, Jay's artistic journey led him into the studio with The Dualers to create "Voices From The Sun." This album not only achieved chart success but also found its place on the coveted Radio 2 playlist.

Following the resounding success of "Voices From The Sun," Jay France embarked on a solo venture, supported by The Dualers and Sunbeat Records. In January 2023, he entered the studio to craft "War Against Boredom." This debut solo album features 14 original tracks that expertly fuse indie and ska influences, culminating in a sound that is both unique and authentic.

 "War Against Boredom" showcases Jay's artistic evolution, featuring collaborations with The Dualers' lead singer, Tyber Cranstoun, and other luminaries from the ska and indie music scenes. Notably, Jay collaborated with the musical director of UK singer-songwriter James Morrison.

Critics and peers have drawn parallels between Jay France's music and that of celebrated acts like Jamie T and Arctic Monkeys. He is rightfully mentioned in the same breath as some of the UK's most prominent well known acts cementing his position as a driving force in today's music landscape.


The "War Against Boredom" Tour: Brace yourselves for a transformative musical experience in 2024 as Jay France embarks on the "War Against Boredom" tour. Expect dynamic stage performances and the opportunity to witness the album's captivating tracks come to life in prestigious venues.


Jay France's journey is more than music; it's a testament to creativity, innovation, and a relentless commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. Join us in celebrating the release of "War Against Boredom," a musical manifesto that promises to redefine the soundscape of 2023.

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